SDCAP Meeting Minutes, April 13, 2016

Board Members in attendance: Colin, Touch, Danksa, Cable, Jake, Paul, Cassy, Stephanie, Curt & Dominic

Non-board members: Gaia, Meg, Jon Ray, Nicole, Brady, Fin, Dean, Natural, Dag, Meg, and, Elise


Meeting called to order by Colin at 7:06

Paul moved to approve 3/28/16 minutes, Curt seconded, unanimously approved.

Treasury report: $74,789.15

Reports from Jake regarding meeting with Maker Faire representatives

Youtopia  Report

Youtopia Budget Discussion (budget not approved, matter tabled for further Board discussion on 4/20)

Follow-up discussion with RCs

Report from Elise regarding Media Policy for Youtopia

Meeting adjourned at 9:48


SDCAP Board Meeting Minutes, March 28

Board Members in attendance: Jenn, Colin, Touch, Danksa, Cable, Jake, Paul

Incoming board members: Stephanie, Cassa, Curt, Dom

Non-board members: Gaia, Meg, Jon Ray, Nicole, Brady


Meeting called to order by Jenn at 7:08

Paul moved to approve minutes 3/9, Touch seconded, unanimously approved.

Jenn moves that Cassa, Touch, Stephanie, Curt and Dom join the board.  Lisa seconds, board unanimously approves (Touch abstains).

Cable nominates Colin as president, Dom seconds, unanimously approved (Colin abstains).

Cable nominates Cassy as Secritary, Dom seconds, board unanimously approves (Cassy abstains)

Treasury report: $78,500.23

Reports from Secretary, Youtopia, Colab

Touch moves that “anything we spend money on that costs less than $5,000 be expensed rather than being a fixed asset.”  Stephanie seconds, board unanimously approves.

Discussion with RCs

Closed session

Meeting adjourned at 10:24

SDCAP Board Meeting Minutes, March 9, 2016

Board members: Jake, Lisa, Greg, Colin, Paul, Jenn, Cable
Incoming board members: Cassy, Stefanie, Dominic, Curt
Community members: Bob, Meg, Jasmine, Natural

Meeting called to order at 7:15

Treasury report: $94,160.23

Touch moves that we approve the 2/24/16 meeting minutes, Jake seconds, unanimously approved.

Colab report

SDCAP Board retreat will be held April 30-May 1, 10am-6pm both days.

Closed session

Jenn accepts Nicole’s resignation from the board and secretary position.

Jenn nominates Colin as acting SDCAP secretary, Touch seconds. Board unanimously approves.

Touch moves that we fund a lunch that Meg is organizing at the GLC with $200. Jenn seconds. Board unanimously approves.