SDCAP Board Meeting Minutes April 15, 2015

SDCAP Minutes April 15, 2015

Board members in attendance: Chris “Cable” King, Colin Jemmott, Paul McCarthy, Lisa “Danksa” Walden, Jenn Giddens

Non-board members: Dean Koci (Executive Director), Meg King, Sean “Natural” Nash, Jon Ray

Call to order 7:08

Treasury update: Cable has been added to bank accounts at Mission Fed CU.  As of 4/8/15 we have $64,683.77

Motion: No member or employee of SDCAP can issue checks or other payment to themselves, or a person or entity with whom the situation may present a conflict of interest, without approval of the board.  Paul motions.  Jenn seconds.  Motion passes unanimously.

Items Discussed:

  • Global Leadership Conference Highlights and the van breakin.
  • SDCAP Website
  • SDCAP Expulsion Policy

Approval of minutes for 3/25 was unanimous.

8:30 Jake (board member) and Bob (non-member) joined the meeting.

Items Discussed:

  • Report from Colab and discussion of liaison role.
  • Report from Youtopia

Adjourn 9:20


You can view a full history of SDCAP minutes here.

SDCAP Board Meeting Minutes March 25, 2015

SDCAP Board Meeting Minutes for March 25, 2015

Board members present: Jenn, Jake, Paul, Lisa, Colin, Cable, Touch (starting at 7:30 via phone)

Others present: Dean, Meg, Martin, Amanda, Kim, Marie, Steffanie, Alexandria, Jim Robs

Called to order at 7:10

Jenn motions to approve the minutes of our last meeting.  Paul seconds.  Passed unanimously.

Treasury report: Dean.  Our accounts contain $67,758.09

Kim: Proposed Sexual Harassment Policy for SDCAP.

Youtopia update: Jake and Jim Robs.

9:04 Proposal: Remove Christian Harrison access from all SDCAP bank accounts, and add Christopher King. Jenn motioned, Lisa seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Adjourn at 9:08


You can view a full history of SDCAP minutes here.