SDCAP Board Members

496440465286368795Colin Jemmott, Director, term ends 2018: Data scientist by day, organizer at night, Colin loves to help provide the infrastructure that allows others to reach bigger goals.  He is one of the co-founders of The Normal House, a small intentional community in Normal Heights, at events he is usually camped with Fool’s Errand or is helping with the gate.

headshot2Cable King, SDCAP Treasurer, term ends 2018: Cable’s first burn was in 1997. A friend bought him an $80 ticket and said, “You look stressed. Let’s get out of town.” When he returned from that weekend, he quit his job and decided to find something more meaningful. He puttered around San Francisco trying to find meaning until he ran out money, then rolled down the coast, first to Orange County, then San Diego. He didn’t find meaning, but realized a full-time job that paid the bills and allowed him to pursue his hobbies and community interest was about as much meaning as he required during the day. Around 2005, he was still searching for something, and discovered the established San Diego Burning Man community. It was much smaller then and he was much quieter. They have grown loud and boisterous together.

cas2Cassy Haynes, Secretary, term ends 2019: Cassy’s first Burning Man event was the Burn, in 2007. Like thousands before and after her, she was blown away as soon as she arrived on playa.  Cassy has been volunteering with the Burning Man community since 2007 with her first volunteer gig working at Center Camp hustling coffee to Burners from around the world.  Cassy has volunteered at nearly every event (Burning Man event or otherwise) that she has attended. Additionally, she was on the team that organized and brought the very first SD Burner contingency in the SD Pride Parade.  Cassy loves working behind the scenes and being able to bring a wealth of life and professional experience to her local community.

UntitledLisa (Danksa) Walden, Director, term ends 2020: A committed community leader! With passion and dedication, “Danksa” has been riding dinosaurs and building robots to the beat of the community drum. She loves the art and the colaberation it brings to the community. She loves high fives and almost always consents to a hug!

 Kim Eisenberg, Director, term ends 2020: Kim went to Burning Man for the first time in 2011, when she remembered she could be whoever she wanted to be when she grew up. Since then, she’s developed a compulsive problem saying “yes” to volunteering, which is how she got suckered into being a theme camp lead, regional volunteer, consent culture educator, and now, board member. Kim is mainly in it for the people and community building, tapping into her background in organizational development and nonprofit management to turn fun into work.

Curt BenedettoCurt Benedetto, Director, term ends 2019: Curt is an artist and serial entrepreneur who has been attempting to not fit into societal norms his whole life. Unfortunately that quest was hindered upon traveling to a planet saturated with the strange, the weird and the confused better known as Burning Man. Since then he has focused on different ways to rebel against the new conformity inside this world of the perpetual bizarre.

Tassle hood PhotoStephanie Cucurullo, Director, term ends 2019: Stephanie is a life-long Burner who took her first trip to the desert in 2009 and has been an active part of the community ever since.   She spent 2 decades as an in-house corporate attorney and intellectual property expert and loves reimagining what she knows in the service of a very different culture.  She’s passionate about making and supporting others in making art, a lover of the expressed approach to life this community empowers and a proud member of the Pink Heart Phamily.

Paul McCarthy, Director, term ends 2018: Only son of Duke Leto, at a young age Paul left his watery homeworld to live among a Free Desert People.  For Paul it is all about evolving the community to a more vibrant and glorious stage. Current hobbies include; fomenting revolts, leading revolts, and hiding out in the desert to avoid the consequences of revolts, Sand Worm Riding. Little known facts; Survived the water of life, his name is a killing word. Best first date; First we tend to the wounded, afterword we have a long discussion about ocean based ecologies over Spice-Coffee.

Ken Simmons, Director, term ends 2020: Before I went to the burn in 2014 I was much more focused on function over form.  Beauty, splendor and charm were very secondary to me. I did appreciate some art; Dali, Degas, Banksy and of course being an engineer, Escher.  The burn opened my eyes and soul to the magnificence surrounding me and the value beauty adds to my life.  Since then art has greatly enhanced my life. In the past when asked if I’m artistic I always replied, “I’m more autistic than artistic”.  After recently helping work on Sugar and The Journey art projects I was again asked I’m artistic.  This time I just stumbled for an answer and mumbled “kinda”.  Burning Man, Colab and Youtopia have greatly helped me deepen my appreciation of art in my life.  And, I continue to develop my inner artist.