SDCAP Board Meeting Minutes, January 13, 2016

Board members in attendance: Jenn, Colin, Lisa, Jake, Paul, Touch, Cable

Non-board members (running for the board): Stephanie, Curt, Cassy, Ramiro, Dominic

Others in attendance: Jasmine, Dag


Meeting called to order at 7:09

Paul proposes that we accept the 12-16-2015 minutes, Jenn seconds, unanimously approved.

Treasurer update: $111,792.76 with all Youtopia expenses paid.

Colab update: slow lately, potential glass and jewelry shop. Storm water inspection.

Election update: Town Hall at Colab January 24th starting at 1pm, online election is January 19-26.  Decision will be announced on January 27th.

Youtopia update: just odds and ends left.

Meeting adjourned at 8:08