SDCAP Meeting Minutes, August 8, 2015

Board Members in Attendance: Jake, Cable, Jenn, Paul, Colin, Touch

Non-Board Members in Attendance: Meg, Thanasi, Dean, Natural, Marty, Dimples


Called to order at 7:00


The board unanimously approves the minutes of the previous meeting.


Cable moves that a bank account be opened at SDCCU with signatories of Christoper King and/or Shawn Nash and/or Jon Ray for CoLab operations.

Colin Seconds

Passes unanimously.


Colin moves that we grant $250 to CoLab for tools, $500 to “Dr. Ball’s Boardwalk Soul Exchange” SD Regional Midway Project and $250 to Sol Diego’s Midway Project “Wanderlust Arcade”.

Cable seconds.

Passes unanimously.

(Paul recuses himself because of involvement with one of the projects.)


Jenn adjourns us at 9:15pm

You can view a full history of SDCAP minutes here.