SDCAP Meeting Minutes, December 16, 2016

In attendance:

Board members: Jenn, Colin, Cable, Jake, Nicole, Danksa

Non-board members: Ramon, Jon Ray, Curt, Stephanie, Dag

Board members absent: Paul, Touch


Jenn calls meeting to order at 7:10 PM


Review and approve previous meeting’s minutes

Jenn moves that we approve minutes, Nicole seconds, board approves





CoLab report

Jon Ray gives colab report



Selection criteria discussion: start thinking of possible participants, create a form for potential applicants


Charitable giving

DIscussion of donation to Burning Man Project or other Burner-related non-profit

Grants to other regions to help them attend the GLC

Seed money for a new regional


YOUtopia wrap up


After Burn report to be compiled by RC’s (Fin to work with Bob for his part, Meg has safety, Colin to send Dada Scientists data)



Cable discusses feedback survey results


Closed session begins at 8:45

Closed session ends. Meeting adjourned 9:07.