SDCAP Meeting Minutes, December 2, 2015

SDCAP board meeting, 12/2/2015
In attendance:
Board members: Jenn, Cable, Jake, Nicole (remote), Paul, Greg (remote), Colin
Non-board members: Meg, Stephanie Indigo, Curt, Dag, Jasmine, Dean

Review and approve previous meeting’s minutes
Jenn moves to approve previous meeting minutes, Cable seconds, board approves

Treasury report
Balance as of 12-2-2015: $120,407.78

Jasmine gives report on 2016 election process

Paul’s Art Grant Proposal

Website stuff
Discussion of website for San Diego Burner community

Logistics discussion; selecting attendees who aren’t board members; general discussion of the GLC; subsidizing another region to get to the GLC

YOUtopia wrap up
Afterburn report discussion and timeline

San Diego Decompression
Colin presents idea

Meeting adjourns at 8:34 pm