SDCAP Meeting Minutes May 13, 2015

Board members in attendance: Greg “Touch” Davidson, Jenn Giddens, Paul McCarthy, Lisa “Danksa” Walden, Nicole Hickman, Chris “Cable” King (remote), Kristen “Persepsion” Jen (remote), Colin Jemmott (remote)

Non board members in attendance: Dean Koci (executive director), Meg King, Kienen Mason, Sean “Natural” Nash, Jon Ray

Jenn calls meeting to order 7:07 pm

No adjustments to agenda

Jenn moves that “the board approve the last meeting’s minutes”, Danksa seconds, board approves

Bank Accounts

Touch moves to “close account 91284880 at Mission Federal Credit Union”, Paul seconds, board approves

Treasury report

Balance: $55,438.68

Kienen provides a presentation on a requested grant to SD Fire Conclave

Touch moves that “we will match any funds donated to the SD Fire Conclave in the month of May, up to a total amount of $750”, Nicole seconds, board approves.

Dean provides ED report

Natural provides colab update

Jon Ray provides a YOUtopia update

Meeting adjourns at 10:00 pm

You can view a full history of SDCAP minutes here.